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tv   [untitled]    January 24, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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one more moment from scott's slide, the ppi 100, you have the world's fair centennial and the work that went into creating that world's fair is similar to what you are doing here with our own transbay terminal. just as you are facing a critical time when the city is going through much construction and other things, well so, too, at the world's fair. eight years earlier, the city was destroyed, and to have done both things, just as you are creating this, while all of the construction is going on around you, that is revitalizing the supervisor's district with, with all the buildings and all of the amenities, you all are really to be congratulated. thank you,. >> thank you. so at this
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time, we'll open up for general public comment? >> i have not received any indications -- looks like mr. patrick. please come up. >> good morning, directors. i see we have had 1.3 million hours, labor hours, that is good news. i would like to take ten of those hours or 100th of one percent to devote to long-range planning. guess what? we were mentioned. i don't understand that. we're building a $3 billion system and how are we going to connect? what is the system's approach? i think you need to have a surette that you see up-and-down market street and other places where we talk about what is going on in the
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planning phase? in the long-range planning phase -- not the short range, but the long-range. there is a lot that needs to be done. because we may well miss the boat and if we miss the boat, the ship will sail and the ship may sink. we want policies and procedures that achieve that as a basic concept and result and we need to promote that. i believe that is your responsibility. thank you. >> thank you. that concludes members of the public who wants to address you under that item. you can go ahead and move into your regular calendar. >> we'll close general public comment and move into our special calendar. >> all right 8 is approving the minutes of the december 11, 2014 meeting. >> so we have a motion to move it forward and second. are there any comment on this item? seeing none, roll call on this item. >> with no members of the public wanting to address you, director lee?
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>> yes. >> director nuru . yes. >> aye. >> director reiskin? >> aye. >> vice-chair harper? >> aye. >> and chair kim? >> aye. >> that is five ayes and the minutes are approved. >> next item. >> the next item is the election of the chair and vice-chair pursuant to the transbay joint powers authority agreement. >> at this time we'll take nominations for both chair and vice-chair for the tjpa board. [laughter ] >> i know it was a highly coveted seat that i sit in. i am glad i have inspired d the members. do we have a nomination? i would like to nominate our
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vice-chair greg harper to svr as chair. it's been great to serve over the last to years to serve on this committee and to get to know director harper who has come back. he was at the founding of this board of directors and the historical knowledge that you have of this project is immense. so i have enjoyed getting to know you, but also appreciate learning from you. and also, i think this will be one of the first or it's been a while since we had an east bay representative >> it would be the first. >> it would be of the first time that we had an east bay member as chair of the transbay joint powers authority and i will make that motion for director harper to be chair. >> second. >> so we have a second. seeing no further comments, i will take from the silence an acceptance of the motion. >> so can we take a roll call on the motion. >> yes, motion to elect
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director harper as chair of the tjpa and no members of the public wanting to comment on the item, director harper? >> yes. >> are you sure? no, kidding. director kim? >> aye. >> director lee? >> yes. >> director nuru? >> yes. >> director reiskin? >> aye. >> that is five ayes and motion to elect director harper as chair has passed. >> thank you very much. >> on your other seat, election of vice-chair, do we have a nomination? >> do i actually hand over the chairship now or chair this? >> i liked your first suggestion. >> well, i will finish this part and then i will hand over the gavel. at this time we'll open up nominations for vice-chair. are there any motions that we can entertain at this time?
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>> director nuru. >> i will second that motion. >> we have a first and second on a motion for director nuru as vice-chair and i think given my words about the longevity and hard work that director harper has brought to be board, i think it's also appropriate that the newest member serve as leadership role on the board. >> we have a second. >> no members of public to address you. with that, to elect director nuru as vice-chair? >> director hammer? >> aye. >> director kim? >> aye. >> director lee? >> yes. >> director nuru . yes. >> and director reiskin? >> aye. >> that is fivay ayes and motion to elect director nuru as vice-chair is passed as
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well. >> thank you. i want to thank the staff for all your work and working with our office and your office and i hope our office hasn't been too frustrating to work with given the breath of work that we have to work with all. it's really been a pleasure and i look forward to working with both chair harper and vice-chair nuru on the tjpa. i will hand over the gavel for the best part of the unit. meeting. >> that concludes your for today. >> nobody objects to that. >> prior to adjourning i wanted to speak on behalf the tjpa staff and thank our chairperson kim for her years' of service as our chair and her professionalism and it's been a real pleasure to work with your office.
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and your commitment and we appropriate your work and we congratulate our new chair, director harper who has been with us in the founding of the tjpa. congratulations and welcome. and of course, our new vice-chair nuru, it's been real pleasure working with you. >> that will be very comforting to me and i hope the board members will excuse my clumsiness over the next few weeks and nila, too, because she knows 9 the east bay and it's different. [laughter ] >> we'll have to work out how these meetings go. i think i never lost sight and won't lose sight of the fact
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this is a san francisco project and how much it affects the city and county of san francisco. i mean, just looking at it, you kind of get that idea. so it's just an honor to be selected with your trust. i hope that you will still be as active as you have been with your constituents, because they are so important to us in this neighborhood. i think the job of a chair, this is my attitude at ac transit, where i chaired for several years, i just have one job and that is to get issues in front of this board as early as they can be cognized for our input. and that is about it. but i'm going to work at that very hard. so thank you very much. and we're adjourned [ gavel ]
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>> good afternoon and happy new year. welcome to the january 22nd, 2015 meeting of t


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